Our House Call Service

Available in Nanaimo and surrounding communities

  • Appointments for our house call service can be made by phoning the hospital at (250) 585-0911

Home Euthanasia

  • Allow your pet to pass away with dignity and respect in their own comfortable environment

  • Avoids a stressful trip to a veterinary hospital

  • Provides more time to say your goodbyes

  • Review of your pet’s medical records and complete physical exam (if indicated)

  • Sedation and/or pain control to allow your pet to fall into a deep sleep

  • Placement of intravenous catheter (if indicated) and injection of sodium pentobarbital (anesthetic overdose)

  • Notification of euthanasia to your regular veterinarian, if applicable

  • Aftercare of the body

  • Cremation arrangements

  • Baked clay paw print (if desired)